The Best Online Business Plans

Successful entrepreneurs know that getting the details down on paper is critical before starting any new venture. For help in the planning stages, many new owners use an online business plan service. Such services provide potential investors with details on how a new business will become profitable. Online business plan software offers the tools and templates needed to create a professional presentation that can be put in front of prospective backers to demonstrate where you want your venture to go and how you plan to get there. The best services provide financial calculators and chart generators to help crunch numbers and illustrate the business’ vision in a quantifiable manner. They also offer a number of additional features such as performance graphs and goal achievement monitors that let business owners track their progress and make necessary changes along the way.

The Best Online Business Plans

#1 LivePlan

LivePlan earned this year’s TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for simplifying the business plan writing by providing access to the work and materials from any computer with an internet connection. For those launching their first venture, the service guides them through each step. By incorporating teaching into the writing process,

Turning a Great Idea Into a Business

So you’ve got a great business idea. Now what? Often, that’s where would-be entrepreneurs get stuck. They have no idea how to turn their business idea into a business plan.

Charles Lee, CEO of Ideation, has some advice on how to take the next step. His companyspecializes in turning good ideas into successful brands by developing innovative business strategies and infrastructure, strong brand presence, memorable visual identities and design, creative marketing, new media public relations strategies and a strong Web presence.

3 Steps To: Turning a Great Idea Into a Business

Lee, the author of the book”Good Idea. Now What?” (John Wiley & Sons, 2012),  said he has seen a lot of great business idea never make it beyond the idea stage.

Ideas are sexy,” Lee said. “They are attractive, unbridled and full of inspired passion. There’s no doubt that ideas are fun to think about, share and platform.”

Unfortunately, he said, many people with good (or even great) ideas will never see their ideas actualized. In fact, many will end up taking their ideas to the grave.

“In a world where ideas are a dime-a-dozen,

5 Wedding Businesses to Help Couples Plan the Best Day Ever

Anyone who’s ever attended or hosted a wedding knows that these events are big business. Engaged couples often seek out the best vendors in the industry to ensure their day is perfect — and they’re willing to pay a hefty price for it. According to the 2016 American Wedding Study, the average wedding cost of a wedding is $26,522, nearly as much as a year of tuition at some private universities.

Brides and grooms are (understandably) picky about the services they choose to make their nuptials special and memorable. These unique businesses help couples make their pre- and post-wedding plans as stress-free as possible.

Though not all couples choose to have one or both spouses change their last name after marriage, those that do often find the legal process intimidating. Miss Now Mrs makes it simple by streamlining all the paperwork you need in one place for one flat fee. Newlyweds looking to make the switch answer some questions about their current and married names and various accounts they hold. Then, these answers are used to complete the appropriate forms. Proofread, print and file,

Dress Professionally for Your Business Meeting

If you’re a business entrepreneur your mind is probably running in 10 different directions at the same time as you plan your strategy for a successful business launch. The last thing on your mind may be the way you look, yet it’s often the first thing people will use to judge your business potential when you meet them. It may not be right, but that’s the way the world works: you have to look successful and confident if you want to persuade others of your business acumen. That being said, here are some basic tips to help you dress for success without putting too much of your precious time on your wardrobe:

Don’t scrimp on the suits. This is the one area you want to splurge a bit on, as the quality of your suit will show from a distance by the way it hangs on your body. Choose top brands whenever possible and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Go classic. Both men and women will benefit from sticking to classic styles because they don’t go out of fashion. Some trendy new styles may look great, but if they go out of style in a

Creative Businesses That Will Inspire You

Being an art professional certainly comes with its stigmas — just ask the people who believe in the “starving artist” cliché.

Though friends and family may try to talk professional artists out of their passions (and professions), creative businesses can thrive. Startups like these keep art alive in people’s homes, phones and everyday lives. These seven art-focused businesses are putting a unique spin on their industry, and might even encourage you to better appreciate art.

Want to bring art into your home or office without hanging the pieces on the walls? Artkick allows you to display high-quality art and photography on your TV or computer monitor, with free access to photos from museums, NASA, the Library of Congress, and Hubble. You can even import your own photos from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr and more. You control what photos are displayed via the Artkick mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Think of it as art projected like you would project video with Roku and Google Chromecast devices.

Raaja Nemani and Aaron Firestein met and became friends while traveling through Argentina. Firestein drew a design on a pair of plain canvas

11 Businesses Transforming Travel

Traveling is a rewarding experience. Between food, drinks and sights, there are a multitude of memories and experiences not to be forgotten.

Often, planning your trip and getting to the destination is the hardest part. These 11 businesses aim to make traveling less stressful and more enjoyable.

Snapshots are the best part of vacation; it gives you the opportunity to relive your favorite moments. Flytographer takes that concept and helps you plan a trip. According to the company’s website, you can “meet with one of [the company’s] local photographers around the world, have a stroll together and bring home the best souvenir possible — memories.” Simply search for a photographer you like in the location you’re traveling to and book a photo shoot via the company’s website after you’ve finalized your trip details. When it’s time for your shoot, your photographer will guide you around and take candid photos (though he or she will also take posed portraits, if you prefer).

Love the water but not sure how to properly rent a boat while away? GetMyBoat provides a peer-to-peer marketplace giving boat owners the power to rent their boats and vacationers

Negotiation Lessons I Learned from My Media Career Experiences

In life, you don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate.” – Dr. Chester L. Karrass

The moment we start to understand how the world works, we start negotiating. Children start negotiating their way out of eating their vegetables and extending their bedtimes as soon as they can talk. But there is a lot we can learn from our kids – a lot about being creative and bold in our negotiations.

As I reflect on my career in media, whether working as a correspondent for Inside Edition, covering CBS Thursday Night Football, or inking the deal for my new book, “Faith in the Spotlight,” knowing how to negotiate well has allowed me to get more of what I want out of my work and life.

Almost everyone can use some advice on negotiations. Whether it’s contracts, salaries or partnerships, the lessons I’ve learned throughout my career can help you save money, time and grow your business.

I realize not all industries have the same room to negotiate. In this ever-changing economy and with companies tightening their budgets, situations may vary. But I do think it never,

7 Inspiring Businesses Keeping It All Natural

Engaging in an all-natural lifestyle has a plethora of benefits, including ridding of wasteful materials and the avoidance of putting chemicals in or on your body. It also means doing better for the environment and sustainable products that can help agriculture and jobs.

Companies are embracing the benefits of “green” and natural products, not only for the Earth but their customers as well.

Whether you’re looking for products, or you want to start a business that’s all about bringing it back to basics, here are six inspiring all-natural businesses you need to check out.

EcoNuts is a company that has introduced soap nuts into everyday life. According to the site, are a berry shell that naturally contains soap. They grow on the Sapindus mukorossi (Soap Berry) tree in the Himalayas. The natural soap found in these berries is called saponin, which is a natural cleaner that works as a surfactant, breaking the surface tension of the water to penetrate the fibers of your clothing to properly clean them.

The soap nuts are gentle on clothes and skin, making the product ideal for those who find themselves irritated by chemicals used in manufactured products. Additionally,

The Business of Nostalgia

The forgotten ghosts of pop-culture past have made a triumphant return. Between shows like “Fuller House” (the Netflix reboot of the ’90s hit Full House), the return of “Gilmore Girls,” and Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block back on tour, nostalgia is having its moment.

Whether it’s podcasts about old shows and movies, nostalgia-driven events and merchandise, or a resurgence of food and drinks made popular decades ago, entrepreneurs are finding ways to relive what made them happy in the past and create something new.

In most cases, these “comeback” businesses are a happy accident. For many nostalgia entrepreneurs, their business sprung from their passion, which has led to throngs of die-hard followers and fans.

This is especially true for the duo that runs Emo Night in Brooklyn, a monthly event with a DJ that plays the emo, post-hardcore and pop-punk hits of the aughts, drawing thousands of passionately-singing millennials to their party.

The idea for their event was planted in Boston, where British co-founders and childhood friends Alex Badanes and Ethan Maccoby both attended college. The pair started the party in their respective dorm rooms, and “rocked out pretty hard while doing it.” The

Five Ideas Brought to Life by Entrepreneurs

We’ve all had an idea for an invention that we’re sure will make us rich. Few, however, actually see that idea through to completion. We get discouraged or distracted. For those who do stick with it, there are hurdles to jump and rejections to endure.

In the end, however, it’s not impossible for your great idea to go global. BusinessNewsDaily spoke with a few inventors who turned their ideas into new businesses.

Reflecting on success:

Brent Thomas loves mountain biking, road biking, and commuting to work on his bike. His enthusiasm inspired him to invent a product that would make biking safer.

In June Thomas started BikeWrappers LLC, a company that sells sets of reflective wraps for the main tubes of  bicycles, making them more visible to motorists at night. The wrappers are removable and reversible (with a decorative pattern on the other side for daytime viewing). The San Francisco-based company sells BikeWrappers for $45 per set.

Thomas, who has worked as a business-development specialist for an Internet advertising company, designed the prototypes with his own sewing machine, found a manufacturer and is now selling them mainly online. He has also started selling a line of reflective dog products called DogWrappers,

How to Start a Pet Care Business

For entrepreneurial pet lovers, there’s almost no question as to what type of business they would want to start. Becoming a trainer, groomer or sitter is likely a dream job for those who want to spend their days working with and caring for dogs and cats. But, as any pet care professional can attest, being a part of this industry is no easy task.

“Pets are often regarded as family members, and the responsibility of caring for those pets is not one that should be taken lightly,” said Daryl Conner, manager of Yankee Clipper Pet Grooming and certified petcare dermatech specialist. “[Pet care professionals] don’t just play with puppies all day. We work with living creatures who can often behave unpredictably.”

Starting a pet care business is certainly an achievable goal, but you won’t succeed without a strong knowledge of both animal behavior and business basics. Before you start writing up that business plan, here’s what you need in order to work in the industry.


Regardless of what type of pet care business you want to start, a basic education in animal care and handling is the first step to working with animals. While you don’t necessarily need

Fun & Unique Businesses For Sale Right Now

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? Why start from scratch when there are many exciting and profitable businesses for sale?, a website that lists businesses for sale, provided us with this list of 10 unique companies across North America that you can buy right now.

1. Downtown trolley and double decker tour company – Chicago

Are you looking for an opportunity to enter the tourism and transportation business in downtown Chicago? Different from any other tourism business in the region, this business takes tourists on a popular “hop-on, hop-off” ride to see the city’s best landmarks.

2. Winery, tasting room and vineyards – California

Take your wine-tasting hobby to the next level by owning a winery. This prestigious California establishment includes Tuscan-themed tasting rooms, a restaurant and multiple on-site vineyards.

3. Go-Kart and amusement park – Brainerd, Minn.

This Minnesota amusement park has served as one of the premier go-kart and amusement park venues in the region for more than 30 years. Kart Kountry Go-Kart and Family Fun Park keeps visitors entertained with go-kart tracks, NASCAR simulators, 18-hole miniature golf course and much more.

4. Elk and hunt farm – Saskatchewan, Canada

If you’re looking for a place

6 Sports Business Games That Will Inspire You

Want to become a better coach or athlete? There are several sports-related businesses out there that can help you do just that and more.

From virtual reality sports platforms and game footage analysis to family-friendly youth sports programs, these six businesses put a whole new spin on sports, helping coaches, athletes and families do what they love.

Whether you’re an athlete or just a huge sports fan, you can turn your skills and passion into a business — just take some inspiration from these companies that are totally changing the game.

EON Sports VR

EON Sports VR is a virtual reality platform that help athletes get better at their sport. The platform simulates different game situations to help players improve their decision-making skills — EON Sports VR boasts an improvement rate of up to 60 percent for players who use the platform. The company offers 3D-playbook and playbook-simulator products for coaches, simulators for athletes, and plans to launch a virtual-reality baseball platform, which you can preview on the EON Sports VR’s website. The company currently offers a simulator, called SIDEKIQ, which is compatible with a headset or projector, and plans to launch a smartphone-powered simulator, too.

Great Places to Find New Business Ideas

All successful entrepreneurial ventures have one thing in common: They solve a specific problem. Whether they fill a gap in the market or improve upon what’s already out there, good business ideas demonstrate what the issue is and why they have the unique ability to address it.

If you’ve been racking your brain for a way to start your own business but keep coming up short, you might just need a change of scenery. You never know where inspiration will strike, so get up and explore these 10 places to find solvable problems — and, therefore, great business ideas.

Think you’ve found your perfect startup? Do some research to make sure the idea is legal and feasible, and then visit our step-by-step guide to starting a business.

In the “there’s an app for that” era, it may seem like every mobile application under the sun has already been thought up and built. But that’s not necessarily the case, as many people discover when they scour their smartphone’s app store searching for something that doesn’t exist. Perhaps an app you recently downloaded doesn’t function the way you’d hoped it would, or doesn’t offer a certain

Business Plan Competitions for Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in innovation and competition. Given this drive to succeed, it’s no wonder that competitions rewarding entrepreneurs for their business plans and pitches are popping up all over the country.

Throughout the year, schools and organizations allow early stage startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to present their new business ideas and plans to panels of industry-renowned judges, for a chance to win some much-needed funding. Even if these entrepreneurs don’t win the grand prize, the competitors still get the opportunity to network with leaders and innovators in their industries, and share ideas with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors.

If you’re thinking of applying to a business plan competition, here are six great options open to entrepreneurs in any state.

Location: Waco, Texas

The Baylor New Business Venture Competition features current students and recent alumni of any accredited university across the nation competing in one of two tracks: consumer and internet technology companies, and nontechnology companies. Companies in the technology track must fall into categories such as internet security, social media and mobile commerce. There is a preliminary round, followed by three presentation rounds. The top teams from

A Summer Business Idea that You Can Start Now

Tired of sitting inside an office building on those beautiful summer days? If you’re itching to break free from the 9-to-5 routine and stretch your legs this summer, there’s plenty of businesses you can launch quickly that empower you to be your own boss. Don’t let another season of gorgeous weather pass by your office window.

Here are 10 ideas for businesses — inspired by summer — that you can have up and running in no time.

People on summer vacation love face-painting and art, especially if you’re able to set up in a beach town. Summer concert and family events are a great place to find children and parents alike who are in need of face-painting services, and tourists are often eager to buy local art depicting the beaches and streets they visited during their time off.

If you’re especially talented, you can transition your festival face-painting and street-side art sales into a career. Once your name gets out there as a local artist with an eye for capturing the summer character of your vacation hotspots, you’ll be surprised how many visitors gravitate towards your art. Even locals might

Some Business Ideas for Couples

Starting a business with your significant other might seem like a bad idea on the surface; your relationship can distract business, and your business can strain your relationship. It’s not an easy endeavor, but if you and your partner handle conflict well and motivate each other, you should consider turning your passions into a business.

There are many startups that are well suited for a two-person team. As with any partnership, these 10 business ideas work best when you each take on roles that best fit your skills and strengths. An entrepreneurial relationship, like all business ventures, is truly a labor of love.

Some couples fight over who should cook dinner; but for others, preparing a meal together is a bonding activity. If you and your partner fall into the latter category – and are good cooks – you may want to consider starting your own catering business. Let the resident gourmand cover most of the food prep, while the other serves as a customer service rep and sous chef.

For those foodies who love to travel, consider opening up shop as

Business for Fashion Fanatics

When you tell people that you want to work in fashion, you probably get a snarky reaction or a sympathetic nod. However, your passion is unwavering, so you keep your head high and heels higher.

Making a name in the industry isn’t simple, but you don’t have to be a model or designer to succeed. Here are seven business opportunities for fashion fanatics.

Running a fashion show isn’t easy. Fashion event producers work with designers and models, sometimes even coaching them.

“You would help the designer with runway show casting and have an understanding of how clothes should be portrayed on the body and how the models should carry themselves,” said Kerry Bannigan, founder of Nolcha, a New York-based fashion event production company.

While startup costs are minimal – you won’t need employees or even an office – you will need to do some heavy self-promotion. Relationships and referrals are key for this type of work, Bannigan said. Business cards, a user-friendly website showing an online portfolio and a printed portfoilio are a must. Networking through industry websites is also essential, she said.

Before you embark on this career, you should understand fashion shows, work with creative people and be flexible

5 Tips for Starting a Business Abroad

Starting a business is no easy feat, especially if you’re thinking of starting one overseas. Now that the U.S. dollar is stronger — and even crushing other currencies — many entrepreneurs are taking advantage and traveling abroad to launch their businesses.

But don’t start packing your bags just yet. As the founder of Waygo, a visual-translation app that translates Chinese, Japanese and Korean text into English with the wave of your smartphone, I have gone done the challenging road of launching a company abroad (in our case China).

Before you decide to leave the U.S. borders, here are a few tips  to starting your business abroad.

1. Localize your idea, vision and expectations.

Diving into the local culture is essential for any entrepreneur. Find a local mentor or investor who can help guide you to understand the culture and the local consumer. This was key for us when we decided to launch Waygo and has helped contribute to meeting the right partners, launching at the right conferences, and knowing who to trust.

If you don’t know one right off the bat, look to LinkedIn to see if colleagues can connect you with others that are

In this Countries to we can Start a Business

Opportunities exist everywhere — not just in your own home country or hometown. While much has been said about globalization and our increasingly connected world, if you’re starting a business, your first thought might not be to launch it in, say, Denmark.

But it turns out that Denmark is actually a very good idea: The World Bank Group has ranked that Scandinavian nation third in the world in terms of ease of doing business there. By comparison, the United States ranks eighth.

Depending on your target audience and its needs, plus taxation laws, the nature of the local workforce and other factors, doing business overseas just might offer advantages to you that exceed those of the country where you live right now.

Starting with a place you may be familiar with, here are some of the best countries to consider when starting a business:

The United States

What makes the United States a good country to start a business in? The workforce is diverse and skilled. It is a recognized leader in research and development as well as innovation. You can also find a wide variety of funding sources: investment firms, banks, venture capitalists and angel investors.

The U.S. Small Business Administration suggests that