Dress Professionally for Your Business Meeting

If you’re a business entrepreneur your mind is probably running in 10 different directions at the same time as you plan your strategy for a successful business launch. The last thing on your mind may be the way you look, yet it’s often the first thing people will use to judge your business potential when you meet them. It may not be right, but that’s the way the world works: you have to look successful and confident if you want to persuade others of your business acumen. That being said, here are some basic tips to help you dress for success without putting too much of your precious time on your wardrobe:

Don’t scrimp on the suits. This is the one area you want to splurge a bit on, as the quality of your suit will show from a distance by the way it hangs on your body. Choose top brands whenever possible and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Go classic. Both men and women will benefit from sticking to classic styles because they don’t go out of fashion. Some trendy new styles may look great, but if they go out of style in a few months you’ll look outdated.

Shine your shoes. Skip the sneakers and go with dress shoes, and make sure they’re always cleaned and polished. Well-kept footwear shows you care about the smaller details.

Skip the perfume. Whether it’s perfume, cologne, aftershave, or lotion, you shouldn’t wear anything with a heavy scent. Many people are sensitive to perfumes and won’t be able to focus on your business presentation if they’re holding their breath or wheezing.

Go easy on the accessories. Clunky jewelry or other flashy accessories can make you look unprofessional, and that’s the last thing you want. An understated look is best for most business occasions.

Hide the skin. We shouldn’t have to mention it, but unbuttoned shirts and bare midriffs have no place in the business world. Likewise for too-short skirts: save them for your evenings out and chose a more conservative length for work.

Spend a few minutes today organizing your business wardrobe, and you won’t have to worry about it as you bring your plans to fruition!